Despite there being so many different ways to upgrade the fifth-generation Camaro these days, especially when it comes to boost, it is easy to get lumped into the homogenous clump of 2010-2012 Camaro SSs lurking the streets. However, there is one sound, one look that many aspire and few achieve that will easily set you apart from the rest. And that is provided by a front-mounted, whistling and whooshing turbo kit. A relatively new player in the late model Camaro game, Hunter’s Performance Solutions offers up single and twin-turbo kits based off the Stainless Works turbo manifolds, Comp Turbo 67mm hairdryers, a sizeable air-to-air intercooler, and goodies from Turbosmart to control boost. The kit promised to make over 550-rear wheel horsepower, so we visited HPS in Dallas, Georgia, to get a closer look at the single turbo kit, its installation, and potential for power. It’s amazing what these guys can do for your fifth-gen in just a few days.