Visiting Indianapolis in the middle of December isn't what most people from Florida would consider a vacation. But we're not most people. We're here at the Indianapolis Convention Center hanging out with our friends in the automotive aftermarket and racing industry, to see what they were able to cook up in the whole three weeks since we've last seen them at SEMA.

Truthfully, there weren't a ton of surprises, although we're happy to report that modifications for C7s are still coming along just fine. Andy Ricketts from Livernois was enthusiastic about the developments for their in-house Stingray, and while we can't delve into everything here, let's just say that the story we'll have for you in the future won't disappoint.

Chris Douglas, of COMP Camps, showed us their brand-spanking new line of ignition modules that looked uncannily similar to the Crane line of products. He didn't want to reveal exactly what the deal was with COMP and Crane, just that they will have an announcement to make soon. Like Livernois, they've been actively working on Gen-IV components for the C7 and full-sized truck line - including a full selection of camshaft and cylinder heads for the budding C7 customer.

Seibon Carbon had a display, featuring not only 5th-Gen Camaro components, but a carbon fiber WS6 Firebird hood as well. Although this isn't an entirely new product, it still stopped casual onlookers in their tracks as they passed by. If that didn't interest you, they also released their line of carbon fiber helmets and, get this, even luggage made from the lightweight woven material. Carrying in a common theme, they're "looking at C7 body panels next."

At 11 am sharp, we were there to catch a quick press conference at the Chevrolet Performance booth, with Dr. Jamie Meyer on hand, interviewing a professional Indy driver with his car in the booth. The blue 2014 COPO Camaro from SEMA was in attendance, as well as several of their most popular crate engines, a pair of T-56 transmissions now available over the counter at Chevrolet Performance, and naturally, their Connect and Cruise LS3 package.

We also made sure to swing by the MTI Racing booth to see what was new from one of the biggest names in late-model EFI performance. As it turns out, quite a bit. Like pretty everyone else, they've been working diligently to bring the C7 owner new performance upgrades in the name of a killer set of adjustable coil-over suspension components.

A product of their own design, they feature the option of two-, three-, or four ways of adjustability, aluminum upper mounts, improved handling characteristics, a bolt-in design, and tons of other great features. Not stopping there, they've just unveiled this really kickass new electronically shifted gearbox for late-model GM vehicles. Centered around a Tremec T-56, this clutchless shifter is perfect for the serious road racer looking for quicker shifts and a digital readout to remind them what gear they're in while the red mist has descended upon them. Look for the full story on this transmission in a future issue of GMHTP.

That's all we have time for today. Be sure to check out Part II of our PRI 2013 coverage tomorrow.