We had an action-packed day here at PRI 2013. Following hot on the tails of yesterday's coverage, there was even more great stuff to see on Friday.

We spoke to Ken Jones of ProCharger, to grab all of the insight that we could get about their SIX latest supercharger offerings, that they unveiled at PRI. Hey, the variable ratio i-1 was one tough act to follow, and in order to outdo themselves, it took a complete update and three all-new additions to their "F" line of blowers.

The updated models include; the F-1D, F-1A and the F-1C, while the F-1C-10.5, the F-1X-12, and the F-1X-12A are the all-new models. Ken told us the reason for this was not only to offer more options to the enthusiast, but to meet certain NHRA and NMCA rules and guidelines. If we're lucky, we might be able to score an F-1C for Project Purp in the near future.

Keeping with the supercharger theme, we stopped to talk to Kevin Woodruff of SLP Performance about their latest performance offerings. Kevin told us all about their TVS 2300 supercharger package available for late-model LS vehicles; particularly the 2010-14 Camaro. It offers a 150 hp bolt-on upgrade that includes a 3 year/36,000 warranty. Of course, they still offer their famous Loud Mouth exhaust system packages, along with plenty of engine components as well. With ROUSH Performance acquiring SLP recently, expect to see a TON of great new products from them in the very near future.

While making our rounds, Sean McClelland, of Hot Rod Drag Week 2013 fame gave us a call telling us he wanted to work with Bryan Neelan of Late Model Engines (LME) to build the next killer LSX motor for his '63 Chevy II - and he wants us to cover it. Being the natural gearheads that we are, we sat down with Bryan and Sean at the Callies booth to make a plan. If everything pans out, expect the full story in a future issue of GM High-Tech Performance!

Walking into the AEM Electronics booth, revealed the three latest offerings in methanol injection kits from the company. Terry Strange of AEM told us all about the features and applications for each kit - so whether you own a turbo Buick or a 5th-Gen Camaro, AEM has what you need! Also, they will be launching the LS wiring harness kit for the Infinty Stand Alone Programmable Managing System within the next two weeks as well!

Walking into the Lunati booth revealed a brand new LT1 crankshaft - one that can support around 2,000 horsepower! It's a heavy duty piece that will work with both naturally aspirated, and boost applications. While you're reading this, they're working diligently on a complete rotating assembly for the Gen-V, and you should be able to order the whole kit for your C7 or Silverado in the coming months!

Strange Engineering released a heavy-duty 9.75-inch independent rear end for the 2010-14 Camaro. The one-piece aluminum unit provides a seamless installation, a quieter operation, and increased strength. Despite the increased rigidity and Hy-Tuf axle shafts, they only weigh about 20-lbs. more than the OEM 218mm unit. This is a serious piece of design, with the serious drag racer in mind. So if you're an owner of a fifth-gen who's looking for something greater than the OEM diff, then the Strange 9.75 is just what the doctor ordered. If you're familiar with Strange's offerings, then you know this is one very high-quality product.

We said hello to our friends at AIRAID, and they were happy to tell us all about their latest products. Namely, the C5 and C6 cold-air induction packages, offered in both carbon fiber, and the standard ABS plastic. Along with the increased airflow, power, performance, and soundtrack, they also offer a simple bolt-on design that pretty much anyone who knows how to operate a screwdriver can handle. Riding on the coattails of last year's U-Build-It (UBI) Kit release, are these new MAF sensor housings, designed specially for the LS Swap enthusiast in mind. They're available in different diameters, and with the option of a MAF delete plate - for those who made the switch to speed density.

Driven Racing Oils had a display booth at this year'a PRI as well. On top of the LS30 offerings that we're already familiar with, they just launched their new XP9 synthetic line of motor oils, that doubles the viscosity of conventional base oils. It contains a new formula that includes mPAO, a next generation synthetic based lubricant. All super-technical jargon aside (since we have limited space here), what it essentially does is provide the enthusiast with a lightweight racing oil that's less sensitive to heat, and increases power output. Look for a tech article on Driven's line of products in a future issue of GMHTP.

Since we're on the subject of petroleum based products, our friends over at DeatschWerks told us about not only their new injectors for the C7, but the DW300IL in-line fuel pump that's now available for the C4 and C5 Corvette, along with, get this, the third-generation TPI F-body! And here, you third-gen owners thought no one cared about you. As it turns out, it flows 255lph, and installs in a short amount of time.

Oh, and as far as the C7 injectors? Technically, it really isn't news to us since David Deatsch told us all about them at SEMA. However, at the time they were still working on them, but now they finally have cracked it and as it turns out, they will flow 25% more fuel than the OEM units. Expect a launch sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

On our way out of the show, we couldn't help but not notice our colleagues at Hot Rod Magazine working madly on their Crusher Camaro project. What the boys of Roadkill fame are doing, is attempting to swap out their blown big-block for a more efficient late-model LS engine; courtesy of Mast Motorsports and Holley Performance, among others. They plan on completing the swap while at the show, and will more than likely finish up in time for the show to be over tomorrow afternoon. Good luck, fellas!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our coverage of the final day of PRI 2013!