Editor's note: at the request of Mr. McGee these images have been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It was less than a year ago when GM unveiled the 2014 Camaro, a mid-generation refresh to help breath new life into the model. The more aerodynamic front-end and reshaped taillights seemed to spell what is ahead for the sixth-generation, presumably the 2016 Camaro – a high-tech, forward-thinking piece of design that is less retro and more edgy.

It has long been speculated that the next generation Camaro will be inspired by the second-generation, whereas the fifth-gen was clearly a modern interpretation of the 1967-69. While this may prove to be true, those in the know all say that it will not be nearly as retro and nostalgic as the fifth-gen. Therefore it stands to reason that the recently discovered sketches by Michael McGee, a designer that crafted these designs as a project from his summer internship at GM in 2012, may be in line with the direction that the sixth-gen is heading.

As part of the project, McGee sketched and rendered a 1:3 scale half-mirror model. His design took cues from an F-35 fighter jet. Its shapes clearly lend themselves to a very sleek and aggressive looking sports car. The nose cone, side air scoops, and roofline are extremely evident in the sketches. However, in the development slides it seems clear that the “strong water line” and “muscular form” are what really inspired the overall shape.

Though, all renderings and sketches are more abstract and extreme than their production counterparts, it is evident exactly where this design is heading. Is this the right direction? Or should GM keep the sixth-gen design closer to the previous generation?