Check out Part 1 of our Procharger i-1 installation!

When we last met, the team from ProCharger started to transform the SS into a different animal, pausing just before the supercharger was to be connected. Our 2012 Camaro SS is finally ready to accept the newfangled blower from ProCharger, and our excitement is escalating! In case you missed it, the i-1 is a patented programmable ratio supercharger, a world first, with a unique control system that gives its driver the ability to switch between supplied performance modes, all from the same setup, on a provided touchscreen in the cabin. In sport or competition mode at 7.5-pounds of boost, our Camaro is on track to add another 185-horsepower to the wheels, on pump gas. Needless to say, we were amped up to begin the install of the ProCharger i-1 last issue, and the brand new supercharger assembly was provided with all of the necessary, reliable hardware to be expected from ProCharger.

Cooling things off is a three-core air-to-air intercooler that most would agree, provides abundant cooling and reliability when compared to air-to-water setups for street use. We'll bolt that up shortly after the supercharger. Thanks to an effective intercooling setup that avoids heat transfer associated with engine-top mounting or exhaust interface systems, the ProCharger i-1 is able to produce greater numbers per pound of boost than air to water intercooled, positive displacement supercharger systems.

With that being said, in the last issue, the necessary fluids were drained, the factory air box was removed, the factory balancer was tactically pulled off of the crank and the new one was installed, the crank and balancer were pinned, the crank pulley was installed, the accessory bracket and main bracket assembly were bolted up, and the accessory belt was tightened. It's time for round two! All that's left is to sit back, and follow along with the rest of the installation process, not as a step-by-step manual, but to see just how noninvasive the new kit is, as we explain how the innovative system fits into our fifth-gen. It's finally time to bolt up the i-1!