For those of you who've earned your driver's licenses in the 90s, you came of age during an era where 300+ horsepower out of a stock, late-model V-8 pony car was impressive, if not largely unheard of. In those days, there were limited options to choose from, too, especially if you didn't want an "A-typical" F-body or even a Mustang. When the Pontiac/SLP Firebird Firehawk burst onto the scene from seemingly out of nowhere, you could imagine the hype that surrounded these cars back in the day. Everybody who loved GM vehicles wanted one of these cars, despite their relatively high price and uber-rarity.

So when your author happened to discover this 1995 example (#403) sitting in the parking lot behind our office, I had to investigate. As it turned out, it belonged to High Performance Pontiac Editor, Christopher Phillip, who happens to also own not only this Firehawk, but also several other rare and interesting GM musclecars. Despite being only the second owner and with the car's odometer reading just over 47,000 miles at the time of this writing, the 'Hawk has lead a relatively rough life up until Chris' purchase seven years ago. While overall a complete and solid example, this car could have used some TLC in the paint finish department; swirl marks, surface scratches and thanks to the Florida sun, some paint fading as well. This gave us an idea for our next story; Detailing 101.

After doing some research, we were quick to conclude that Meguiar's offered an incredible range of products that would help us complete the task at hand. Everything from car wash soap, to clay bars, to premium-quality polishes, waxes, and quick detailing products, Meguiar's had us covered. Follow along as we show you how to take your aging F-body's fading paint to a show-quality finish that will keep your car looking fresh for years to come.

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