Since AntiVenom converted our 1999 Firebird from a V-6 to an LS9-cammed, 6.2L L92 with a Performabuilt 4L60E and converter, Ashy Larry has been a beast of a daily driver. Despite a host of WS6 suspension upgrades from the donor car, it has been difficult to keep the old Firestones from spinning with any decent amount of throttle input. To make matters worse, when it broke loose the tail wagged like a happy little puppy. This was no good for street driving, and certainly not for the track, so it was time we rectified this problem with a few basic and cost effective upgrades from Summit Racing. In the interest of more efficient power transfer to the rear tires, a set of QA1 lower control arm relocation brackets (PN HAL-5275) and subframe connectors (PN HAL-5290) were selected. Last but not least we firmed up the rear end with QA1 Economy Stock Star shocks (PN HAL-EC1985P) and Prothane polyurethane rear sway bar end links (PN PTP-19-409-BL) that kept our budget at just over $400 total. Follow along as AntiVenom in Seffner, Florida once again turns the wrenches, and we hit the track to see how well Larry can harness all 405-rwhp.

Summit Racing
1810 S Parsons Ave
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